Transport Choice is a Feminist Issue : A2 poster


This poster was designed for the Present Tense call for posters, and was shown as part of the exhibition in the Britomart precinct.

Throughout the world, women make choices about their method of transport every day. And every day those choices are coloured by a question: will I be safe? A recent New Zealand survey revealed that 71% of women had experienced harassment on public transport.

Women caring for children, who are more likely to make more numerous and shorter trips are often bound to their cars through inadequate transport choice, and an over-dependence on cars can lead to social isolation.

Cities which don’t have proper, equitable transport choice are restricting the ability of 50% of their populations to move around efficiently.

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This poster is printed on high quality 150gsm inkjet paper.

It will be mailed in a robust cardboard tube.

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