This installation of 4 painted plywood panels was made for the third Harbourview Sculpture Trail in 2016.

Viewfinders is a site-specific work continuing the domestic theme I chose to explore in the previous two Harbourview Sculpture Trails. (Harbourview’s Dishes in 2014 and Harbourview’s Laundry in 2012.)

Viewfinders makes a connection with the West Auckland pottery industry, the forerunners of which were several brick works in the area very close to this site.

During the 1950s and 60s, Te Atatū was heavily settled by young families. The views you see named and framed by the letters in Viewfinders are the same views those families would have seen from their kitchen windows along Beach Road before new houses were built on the eastern side of the road in the late 90s.

I imagine all those kitchens had cupboards full of Crown Lynn dinnerware. Patterns like Echo, Topic, Tam O’ Shanter, Narvik, Fiesta, Aztec, Nova, Shibui and Yucatan will still be recognisable to many people and may still be in daily household use.

These plywood panels combine the design disciplines of pattern and type, while celebrating the spectacular views from this area.

The patterns and panels are:

  • Te Atatū: Topic
  • Orangihina: Echo
  • Waitematā: Narvik
  • Rangitoto: Tam ‘O Shanter [SOLD]