Illustration set

Richard Young (a traffic engineer) and Fiáin d’Leafy (Bike Auckland’s Chief Biking Officer) presented at the 2023 TRAFINZ Conference (The New Zealand Local Authority Traffic Institute) about the idea to Liberate The Lane (one lane of Auckland Harbour Bridge for active modes).

They wanted to illustrate their presentation with “Trevor” – a character based on Mr Trevor Lanigan, whose photo was taken in 1974 as he cycled to work across the Harbour Bridge on his daughter’s Raleigh 20. The buses were on strike.

  • Bike Auckland
  • Illustration set
  • July 2023
Trevor riding his daughter's bike.
Trevor being buffeted by cross winds.
Trevor riding uphill. He is puffing.
Trevor rides past a woman and small child.
Trevor freewheeling downhill.
Trevor rides away, waving.