Resurfacing Christchurch Airport –
the cartoon

Cartoon, data presentation

This cartoon was produced on behalf of WorkSafe’s BetterWork programme. It follows the story of Christchurch Airport’s APMW project, a 20-year asset maintenance plan for the pavement.

Lily Hirsch shadowed the team and worked on the script. All of the speech in the cartoon is verbatim and the drawings are taken from photos of real people.

Selected images and parts of pages are shown here.

  • WorkSafe
  • Cartoon, data presentation
  • May 2022
Snippet from cartoon: 2 people in hi-vis chatting
Snippet from cartoon: machines working in the dark on the runway
Snippet from cartoon: a pull box showing tings you might find on an airport runway
Snippet from cartoon: 3 people in hi-vis chatting
Snippet from cartoon: all the characters are having a barbecue
Snippet from cartoon: several boxes showing progress on the project