Equity NZ cartoons

Screen Industry Workers Bill

A series of cartoons for Equity New Zealand (the actors’ union) to encourage their members to submit on the Screen Industry Workers Bill, passing through parliament currently (aka undoing “The Hobbit law”). I created five images (some animated) for social media and for their website.

Hobbit on a screen, speech bubble says "The Screen Industry Workers Bill is going through parliament right now! We need you!"
Voiceover says "You are an expert at what you do!". Character thinks "Who me?" "But Ive never written a submission to parliament before!" "I don't really understand the world of parliament, so I don't think I can help..." "People who are more brainy and politically active than me can do this stuff..." "I don't even know where to start"
Character looking a computer. Computer says "Join our Zoom sessions!"
Character writing a letter. Thinks "How will this law change affect me?" "What do I like about it?" "Tell your story!"
Caption: Submit online or post by May 4. Character submits online form with one hand and posts a letter with the other.