Design Assembly Kātoitoi illustrations


Two illustrations to accompany articles as part of a series of essays, interviews and artworks on Design Assembly’s website, commissioned by Creative New Zealand for the 2020 pilot of Kātoitoi – the Aotearoa Design Archive.

On Innovation by Lee Parkinson

The sunflower. I focussed on the word and concept of “pivot”. In many romance languages sunflower directly translates as “turn to the sun”, which they do in real life in their fields. The colour palette and one background pattern are directly lifted from some the projects Lee mentions in his essay.

Kātoitoi - the South Island robin
Influencing the bigger picture by Kate McGuiness

The South Island Robin – kātoitoi. The drawing is after Walter Buller’s engravings. I’ve used colours and shapes from some of the the projects Kate talks about in her essay.

“…if that story has a strong, distinctive voice, its noise will travel far. When amplified by a powerful tool like design, messages can take flight, creating a ripple effect that spreads far and wide.”