Chroma Connect

Design Assembly article

I sketched and wrote an article for Design Assembly after attending Chromacon Festival’s seminar day.

Today I went to Chroma Connect, a “creative summit” preceding the Chromacon Indie Arts Festival, 18th and 19th April (this weekend!). It was a great day, small (compared to something like Semi Permanent), intimate, well-organised and interesting, as well as having a fairly decent ratio of women:men (are you listening, Semi P?).

“What better seminar to try sketchnoting?” I thought. So here it is.

I listened to MukpuddyWenna, The NZ Comics panel (with Li ChenJem YoshiokaGregor Czaykowski and Jonathan King) and Jacky Ke Jiang. Sorry to those session-givers I missed!

During the main festival this weekend, some of these speakers will be showing their work and doing Q&A sessions, as well as lots of local and international artists showing off their stuff. You should go. It’ll be worth it. Here’s the programme.